Hop on The Bustonian for your friends Bachelorette Party

Boston Bachelorette Parties


So your best friend is getting married? Time for the ultimate Boston Party Bus!

Are you a Boston area bride-to-be who wants to have the night of her life before kissing the single life goodbye? Or maybe you?re a bridesmaid who wants to throw your friend the Boston bachelorette party everyone will be talking about? Well, thank God you found us!

What we are NOT:

  1. Just transportation
  2. Just a bus
  3. Some old fogies driving you around the streets of Boston

What we ARE:

  1. The ORIGINAL Boston Party Bus. Bustonian - Where the ride IS the party
  2. A small fleet of party buses ranging from 32-passenger school buses converted into state of the art party vessels to the new 20-passenger PIMPED out Miss Bustonian and our latest concoction, The 80?s Bustonian.
  3. Young and committed to making your friend's bachelorette party night special and fun
  4. Connected with all the hot spots in town to help you plan the perfect last night out for your BF!
  5. Able and willing to plan the entire Bachelorette party for you or work with you to make sure all of your party ideas make it into your night
Hop on this Boston Party Bus? Where the ride IS the party!!

The Boatonian - Boston's SEA Party - Every Thursday